The CreditAddict Experience

Welcome to the world of Credit Addict! We will teach you how to fix, rebuild and achieve credit smarts through our tried and tested system. Credit Addict is a goal driven system designed to help you achieve success by seeing through the veil of financial institutions. With plans that range from 3 months to 1 year, we build a customized plan for financial success.


Experience how we are different…

Credit Addict wants to take the fear out of credit cards and credit card companies. Teach you to take back your financial power and realize that you are the only one who should oversee your wealth. You shouldn’t be intimidated because you are falling behind or being contacted by a collection agency. You are in charge. If you get someone who is rude or doesn’t want to work with you, hang up and call back. Speak to someone different. Be relentless when it comes to collecting information and understand what is going on with your money. Financial institutions employ thousands if not millions of employees all of whom are employed because of you and are only working because you have the debt. You don’t have the debt, they don’t have a job.

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