Our Services

Let’s begin by demystify the world of credit and banking. In the simplest terms, banking is a business and banks are here to make a profit. Unfortunately, that profitability is based on making money by way of your money. Net income, return on equity, return on assets, earnings per share, net interest margin, efficiency, fee income and credit quality are just a few ways banks achieve their profitability goals. The obvious question is are all banks, credit companies, financial institutions, and wall street all bad? The answer is no, but to really answer a firm no, that means we must out-think policy, maneuver the system and make it work for you.


Our Commitment

Here at Credit Addict we are devoted to helping you repair, rebuild and restructure your financial past. Guiding you to a fully realized and dramatically improved credit portfolio. Our technicians are trained to maintain control of laborious financial situations, sift through content, extract essential information and temper the intimidation tactics of large companies. The Credit Addict commitment extends into the practical aspects of everyday life.


    • Credit Addict will see the credit rebuilding process all the way through
    • Credit Addict will personalize your strategic plan
    • Credit Addict will interpret complicated bank verbiage
    • Credit Addict will empower you to take back financial control
    • Credit Addict will devise both short term and long term goals
    • Credit Addict will educate and guide our clients to their best financial present and future